The Bungalow Guesthouse requires a minimum booking of 30 guests, and a minimum of 2 nights stay. See the calendar below to find out when The Bungalow Guesthouse is available for bookings.

Our accommodation rates are:

  • $70 per person per night for rooms in the main building
  • $80 per person per night for rooms in the Annexe
  • $40 per person per night for children under 14.

We can also provide a wedding package to suit your requirements by negotiation.

To make a booking please click on the button below. We will then contact you with details of the cost and how to make payments.

Alternatively call us at any time and we’ll be happy to provide further details or answer any questions you may have. We also welcome inspections at any time to show you around.

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NOTE: Any party can book the venue exclusively with less than 30 guests by paying the minimum two-day booking fee of $4,200 (equivalent to 2 nights x 30 guests).


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Green dates indicate the Guesthouse is available for booking.
Red dates indicate the Guesthouse is already booked and unavailable for those dates.

A little more..

– We offer a room allocation sheet that you can use to allocate rooms to each of the guests.

– Take a look at the layout of The Bungalow Guesthouse with details of each of the rooms with the available beds in each room.